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KBAYBO Medium Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser

$20.98 $30.99

A great beginning point and budget option.
Just like our main model, however lacks a few of the features that the more expensive model does.
This innovative Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser also works an air mister, humidifier, and nightlight, creating a calming essence that combines aesthetic design with soothing scents and relaxed atmospheric conditions. It is perfect for your home or workplace, very portable, and extremely convenient and practical. The soothing LED glow adds even more so to remedial vibes emitted by this diffuser, and allows it to also serve as a nightlight so that you may sleep in the most relaxed state possible with your favorite smells in the air. Aromatherapy is beneficial for mind and body alike as it relieves stress and promotes a peaceful state of mind. A USB charging port allows for ease of charging, through outlets, computers, and even your laptop! 

Ultrasonic oil Diffuser and Humidifier.
USB rechargeable. 

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